New coating line for Monforts Advanced Technology

monforts_logoA new complete coating line has been commissioned by Monforts in its Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) at the company’s headquarters in Monchengladbach, Germany; allowing customer’s in-house opportunities to undertake trials with Monforts complete range of coating heads under fully confidential, real production conditions.

Final trials on the coating line were completed in August for rotary screen printing.

The facility also offers trials for a complete range of options for coating applications including knife over air, knife over roller, magnetic roller and printing head coating options such as, for example, magnetic roller coating for lacquering or minimal application.

Fully enclosed, the coating line is set up for solvent flammable materials. Test can also be undertaken for PTFE at temperatures of up to 310° C and PTFE sintering.

The line caters for coating applications up to 1.8 m width, printing up to 1.6 m and magnetic systems up to 2m.

In addition to the new coating line, the ATC hall includes a full Thermex continuous dyeing range suitable for the Econtrol process: a Montex 6500 stenter for knitted fabrics with vertical chain return and equipped with Eco Applicator: and a Montex 8000 stenter for technical textiles – incorporating Eco Applicator, high temperature and an explosion-proof execution for treating fabrics with solvents.

Other facilities include a steam generator and complete utilities including a colour kitchen and fabric laboratory testing equipment.

Monforts technologists are also available for comprehensive customer’s advice on all aspects of coating, dyeing and finishing for technical and classical textiles providing full assistance for economic and ecological processes.

Training courses are also available for machine operators to run the machines under minimum use of dyestuff and energy input for best value added finishing results.

The hi tech, world class facility is another example of Monforts policy to fully support its customers in achieving the best possible solutions in finishing its fabrics efficiently under ecological and economic conditions.

Source- Monforts