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New Eco-friendly garment factories in Bangladesh are going to be accounted for five hundred


rmgBangladesh is building 500 new garment factories that are environmentally friendly. In the first eight months of this year the country has accredited 19 new units as being eco-friendly. This has increased Bangladesh ‘s number of environmentally friendly apparel and textile units by around 125. There has been a spurt in Bangladesh’s green manufacturing units following the infamous collapse of the Rana Plaza building, which highlighted the importance of a clean and secure working environment. There are 144 facilities in Bangladesh that have received the LEED certificate, according to the BGMEA, of which 125 are clothing and textile factories.

Avitex Dress Shirt, EMS Apparels, Mayble and Frank Fashions, Anwara Fashions, Nippon Garments Industries, Pacific Casual, Karooni Knit Composite Ltd. and Karupannya Rangpur are among the factories earning LEED ‘s certificate this year.