New Garment recycling process launched


recycleWEAR – a fashion-tech firm and a fashion brand Sabinna have collaborated to launch a novel process that transforms a collection of wardrobe essentials into new, completely biodegradable materials.

The process centres on the concept of circularity. The materials used in the collection take full advantage of circular production and recycling processes. This means that the clothing created won’t be worn and then at some point thrown away. Instead, at the end of the garment’s life, the materials used can be dissolved and turned into new materials.These materials are then transformed into garment packaging, tags, shop interiors and a range of other applications.

The innovative technique is based on simple organic chemistry. Using non-toxic chemical processes, the garments are dissolved into cellulose fibres and reformed into new, 100 % cellulose-based materials. The new, fully recyclable and biodegradable materials created are later compressed into flexible sheets similar to tissue paper, paper, cardboard, plastic and even wood. Further reducing the environmental impact, the processes require minimal chemicals, and sometimes no chemicals at all.