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The new GOTS version 6.0 aims at setting tighter environmental and social standards


logoThe new GOTS version 6.0, which was published in March 2020, aims at setting tighter environmental and social standards while retaining the Global Organic Textile Standard’s relevance. GOTS establishes global standards to ensure to textiles that are completely tracked from the field to finished goods can receive approved organic conditions from third parties. To that end, the main criteria have been met, such as certified organic fiber material, a global ban on hazardous and harmful substances, synthetic cotton / virgin polyester, and management of social compliance.

The new version removes socks, leggings, and sportswear relaxation for the additional regenerated virgin synthetic fiber material. Furthermore, colorfastness and dimension consistency product quality requirements are now compulsory. New basic criteria have been provided for tampons and food contact textiles.

Concerning social requirements for the GOTS scheme, more complex aspects have been integrated into the GETS system. Approved agencies will now have to quantify the difference in salaries that are currently paid to ‘living wages.’ Besides, progress toward closing this gap will be encouraged. Relevant references were also provided to the OECD Guidelines on Due Diligence and Good Practice for the assessment of social standards, risk management and ethical business practices.