New Video Trends Provide Numerous Opportunities for Fashion Brands

In the competitive world of fashion it is important that brands stay ahead of the curve – so it should come as no surprise that many have embraced the opportunities that new video trends provide. More and more brand are using these trends to engage and connect with their viewers, build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and influence purchase decisions.


While there are many trends that fashion brands can take advantage of, the ones that have been providing the most impact so far are:

  • ‘Shoppable’ videos

Fashion brands have started to realize that the line between content and shopping experiences is very thin, and are starting to integrate both. The focus is always on the content first, but links are provided to the brands products that are displayed – so users can opt to buy them if they choose to. Some social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are running shoppable collection ads as well.

  • Live videos

Ever since live videos exploded onto Facebook and the rest of social media, it has been a huge trend for fashion brands. It is the perfect fit, as fashion brands normally have lots of events that they can package into live content for their fans. Not only that but live videos on social media have consistently proven to be more engaging compared to conventional videos.

  • User-generated videos

Admittedly this trend is slightly older, but it has enjoyed a resurgence recently – and fashion brands have been quick to pounce on it. It is a goldmine as far as engagement is concerned, as not only do brands engage viewers by encouraging them to post content – but they then leverage it further by sharing it on their social platforms and tying it into other content.

Depending on how the videos are received, you may need a converter such as Movavi Video Converter to convert WebM to MP4 or to and from different formats.

  • Ephemeral videos

Although initially dismissed as a fad, ephemeral content has proven its videos that ‘self-destruct’ after a certain timeframe are the real deal. Numerous fashion brands and personalities have taken notice of that fact and flock to platforms such as Instagram Stories or Snapchat to connect with the mostly millennial audience that thrives there.

  • 180 or 360 degree video

While VR may still be hit and miss, it seems like 180 and 360-degree videos are here to stay. For fashion brands they are a great new type of video content that has novelty appeal as well. Recently interest in this trend has been renewed by Google and YouTube’s VR180 format that strikes a balance between conventional and VR content.

As you can see each of these trends opens up opportunities for fashion brands to create new and more effective types of videos, or to reach their fans and engage them in different ways. Although there are lots of other video trends out there, the ones listed above fit fashion brands like a glove.

That isn’t to say that conventional video content is dead in the slightest. In fact to be completely honest there is still very much a need for fashion brands to reach and engage customers using them. Instead these trends can offer brands a way to mix up, expand, or even augment their current video marketing strategy.