NICCA Technical Seminar on Activate Your Life with Sustainable and Innovative Chemicals

Md. Mostafa Kamal

Japan based one of the leading textile chemical manufacturers NICCA Chemical Co., Ltd. organized a technical seminar on “Active your life with Sustainable and Innovative Chemicals” recently in Dhaka, Bangladesh for its customers from Textile Division. Hong Kong Nicca Chemical is leading the way by proactively engaging textile mills and brands in Bangladesh to reduce environmental footprint and to drive sustainable excellence to compete in the global market.

Photo: (from left side) Biswajit Banik, Senior Country Manager, Hong Kong Nicca Chemical Ltd., In middle Kotaro Takeuchi, General Manager, Hong Kong Nicca Chemical Ltd., and in right side Atsu Kobayashi, Managing Director, Nicca Chemical Japan, Nari Takeuchi, Senior Manager, R&D, Nicca Chemical Japan.

Bangladesh’s textile industry is the world’s second-largest apparel exporter after China. This industry is having double digit growth year on year basis. The industry also accounts for 20% of Bangladesh’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with more than three-quarters of its total exports heading to Europe and the US. Like many textile mills and brands around the world, the Bangladesh textile industry is grappling to meet the pressing demands from environmental laws and increasing pressures from NGOs, particularly in the areas of water pollution and the discharge of hazardous chemicals. In what experts describe as a water pollution disaster in one of the world’s most densely populated and environmentally fragile places, its city’s river systems in Dhaka have reached alarming levels, threatening agriculture, fisheries and public health.

NICCA is a leading global leader in developing sustainable, high performing processing and effects chemicals that have low environmental impact, NICCA Chemical Co.,Ltd. recently co-organized a technical seminar entitled “Activate your life using sustainable and innovative chemicals” with its agent JB Chem-Bridge Ltd. The event brought together more than 100 representatives from textile mills, brands, retailers, NGOs and academic institutes to discuss the challenges and opportunities they collectively face in the apparel industry. Covering a multitude of issues ranging from the ZDHC and innovative environment products and solutions to meet the industry’s toughest challenges, each topic was designed to help create value-add for the respective textile segments.

Biswajit Banik, Senior Country Manager for Bangladesh from Nicca was the Master of the Ceremony for the full technical seminar and he also shared his points on increased demand for polyester fibre from brands and Nicca is real leader in polyester processing chemicals in Asia.

screenshot-92“The contents are comprehensive, insightful and up-to-date, providing textile stakeholders with an excellent overview of some of the industry’s challenges and Japanese expertise and technical know-how. R&D capabilities along with its innovative products and solutions further boosted our confidence that NICCA is the Go-To Partner to help us meet our environmental targets,” commented Mr. Danny Leung, Executive Director of South China Bleaching and Dyeing Factory Limited.

“Creating a sustainable textile value chain is one of the top priorities in the textile industry. As one of the global leaders in addressing industry challenges with sustainable products and solutions meeting economic and ecological needs, NICCA is committed and well positioned to help the industry address these challenges. NICCA will continue to invest and collaborate with various stakeholders in Bangladesh to help the industry minimize their environmental footprint and to meet sustainability targets to compete in the global market,’ added Atsu Kobayashi, Director, Textile Chemicals Division, Chemicals Unit of NICCA Chemical Co., Ltd.

Asia is a key growth market for NICCA Textile Division. In the last few years, NICCA have invested $30M in the region. These include world-class distribution centers and facilities located in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. In addition, a state-of-the-art NICCA INNOVATION CENTRE in Fukui, Japan was also established to complement all the facilities across the globe and for all the customers. These measures firmly positions NICCA as a truly competitive global and regional chemical manufacturer and demonstrate its confidence in the growth of the textile industry in Asia.

More on NICCA Chemical Co.,Ltd., it is a chemical manufacturer that develops for the various industries, including the textile industry, based on surfactant science. Company has total 77 years of history in chemical business and it is also listed on Tokyo stock exchange since 2016. NICCA R&D personnel is more than 200 globally, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, USA and other sister companies worldwide. To contribute to the development of the textile industry, Nicca Chemical has 13 sites in 9 countries and areas, mainly in Asia. Nicca has become the partner of Bluesign Technology and contributor of ZDHC to develop a sustainable chemical industry. The company has end to end chemicals required for textile industries across the globe.