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Nisolo introduced a ‘Sustainability Facts Label’ which helps consumers to find the product’s impact on earth and human


nisoloNisolo, an ethical fashion company, has created the Sustainability Facts Label, which highlights how each product affects the environment and the people who make it. Each Nisolo product will include the Nisolo Sustainability Facts Label. Each label includes a QR code that, when scanned, provides access to 200 data points detailing the product’s performance for people and the environment. Customers should be able to better comprehend the effect of the things they buy as a result of this. The business expects that the Sustainability Facts Label’s breadth, depth, and simplicity will become the bare minimum for sustainability and the foundation for future labels. Nisolo is a fashion-forward, socially and ecologically conscientious lifestyle brand that creates value for both customers and producers. Nisolo is a handcrafted leather company based in the United States that was formed in 2011 with the goal of pushing the fashion industry in a more sustainable path. Shoes, belts, purses, and bracelets are among the leather items and accessories purchased from local artisans. Fashion manufacturers’ greenwashing jeopardizes the industry’s progress toward sustainability. A livable wage is paid to less than 5% of those who work in the apparel industry across the world.