Nitches Launches Game-Changing Verification Technology to Protect Clothing from Counterfeiting and Prove Authenticity

Nitches Inc.,  a designer and manufacturer of high-end clothing and accessories, announced the launch of it its Owner Verification System (OVS), which is in the patent application process. Nitches developed the OVS to prove the authenticity of its high-end, exclusive capsule collections that are created with celebrities and influencers. Nitches plans to make its OVS available to other businesses that want to protect their merchandise from counterfeiting in the near future.

Nitches sews a unique QR code into every item it manufactures. Buyers can scan these codes to register their products with a phone number and/or email address on Nitches’ proprietary mobile app to verify ownership and originality. The easy-to-use mobile app was designed to work on both iOS and Android devices.

“Because we are working with celebrities and our collections only include 200 – 300 select clothing items, it was paramount that we safeguard our intellectual property and luxury brand,” said John Morgan, Nitches’ CEO. “We believe our verification technology will be a game-changer for other companies worried about counterfeit products in industries from fashion to sports equipment to home furnishing.”

After a QR code is scanned, Nitches’ OVS stores the information on a blockchain to ensure the transaction is completely safe and secure. Blockchain, used by cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin, is a distributed, decentralized database that stores data in blocks that are then linked together. Blockchain-based metaverse environments will also allow Nitches to protect its NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of its clothing items in the digital world, leading to increased interactivity and more secure ownership.