Noir’s Eid Ul Adha 2022 Carnival

Noir is a one-stop solution to global fashion trends. It is a youth-centric clothing and accessories retail brand where aim is to provide the best possible service to all our customers. Noir designs are unique, quantities are limited and styles are always changing depending on seasons and trends. Noir focuses on keeping tradition untouched; however, we design our products around the cultural sense of Bangladesh – thus, our fashion is known as a fusion between the East and the West. Currently, the brand has 3 stores in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Noir is a concern of Evince Group, a leading manufacturer of garments and textiles in Bangladesh. Team Textile Focus had a conversation with Noir Team regarding Noir Eid Ul Adha 2022 collection.

Noir collection for this Eid Al Adha 2022:

We feel like the Eid Al Adha collection is even more comprehensive and versatile than the collection that we had last Eid. We are so grateful that we had such a tremendous response last Eid, we not only sold out the collection for Eid Al Fitr but also the collection we had designed for this Eid. However, we quickly replenished our collection with fresh new designs, newer styles, and the best fabrics; and we feel this is one of our best collections to date. We designed the clothes not only keeping Eid in mind but also considering the upcoming holiday season and people going on vacations. There is a variety of Panjabis, casual wear, and western wear so people can also pick up a piece or two for post-Eid trips as well; there are also Mazzaro shoes that are specially made to be worn with Ethnic outfits. For the women, there are a lot of set pieces like 3 pieces, 2 pieces along with the single piece regular Kurtis. Everything in this collection is made in Bangladesh and our designers have worked hard to bring out different designs in embroidery and prints. The men’s collection is very linen heavy which is ideal for the hot weather that we have here in Bangladesh.

Noir price range and “Zinari”collection:
Noir is perceived to be a premium brand because of the premium styles and the aspiration goal it sets for people. Noir always delivers unique statement pieces that give an impression of a premium brand. At the same time, the price point is set such that the outfits are accessible to everyone who understands and appreciates fashion. We want everyone to enjoy our outfits regardless of their income level. For example, our Panjaibs have a starting price of 1695 and can go up to 3095, our waistcoats are priced at 2995 whereas the market price for similar waistcoats is around 3995, our Kurtis also starts from 1695 and can go up to 5995. So, Noir is not a luxury brand in terms of the price point but the brand image is one that is well perceived and considered to be one of the best. Noir also has a premium line of collection, Zinari, which are on the higher price end and showcases the best of materials, design and craftsmanship.

The specialty of Noir products:
Noir products are very exclusive. We make very limited products like 30 to 50 pieces per style and once the style gets sold out, it is not produced again. Noir is made for people who want to be unique and aspire to be identified as fashion-forward individuals. Noir outfits are just not made for special occasions but can be worn throughout the year. Noir started in 2014 and from its inception, its target was to provide contemporary, trendy outfits in premium fabrics targeted toward developing a stylish lifestyle for its target audience.

Noir outlets:
Noir currently has 3 outlets in Dhaka. They are located in –
Banani: House 72, Block D, Road 11
Dhanmondi: ZR Plaza, Old 9/A, Satmasjid Road
New Bailey Road: House 8, Nasrin Villa

Noir also recently launched a website where customers can order the latest Eid Al Adha collection from all over Bangladesh. The website was made so that people could shop from the comfort of their homes. We have spent a lot of time developing this website so that we could deliver the best user experience for our customers. The website focuses on making online shopping simple, hassle-free and exciting. We have done a lot of work in developing the look and feel which is soothing and also highlights all the outfits without much distraction in unneeded designs and cluttering. We are hoping that the website will add convenience to the people looking to shop from their comfort space.