Novozymes has opened new laboratory to help textile mills in South East Asia region

New laboratory facility in Bangalore will support implementation of current and future enzyme solutions in textile mills and laundries in the South-East Asia region.

The South Asia region is the world’s busiest textile producing region. But textile production also comes with a cost in terms of use of chemicals.  Novozymes, the world’s biggest producer of enzymes for industrial use, has opened a new application laboratory in Bangalore to help textile producers to implement enzymatic solutions in their production.

“With the application laboratory in India, Novozymes wants to strengthen the close collaboration with our customers in the region even further and develop solutions tailored to their regional needs, trends and production processes,” says Krishnan G. S., Regional president of Novozymes India.

Enzymes have been used in the textile industry for more than 60 years. Novozymes’ solutions enable massive savings in chemical, water and energy consumption and they make it possible to produce high-quality textiles demanded by today’s consumers. New innovation and customized solutions keep emerging from Novozymes at a pace where local laboratory capabilities have become essential to serve the South Asia based mills and laundries in the best possible way.

“Our goal is to ensure our customers explore and benefit from the full potential of our enzymatic solutions,” says Krishnan G. S. The application lab is designed to perform testing of the enzymatic applications for fabric pre-treatment, biopolishing, and garment washing by using state-of-the-art processing equipment and physical testing machines.”