NZ Fabrics Ltd. an Innovative Textile Factory with Best Industry Practices

nz-texNZ Fabrics Ltd. is a business unit of the renowned NZ Tex Group of company. Textile Focus is proud to feature NZ Fabrics Ltd. within the Industry Associate program to share and promote industry best practices with other industry stake-holders and our valued readers.

Photo: NZ Fabrics Ltd
Photo: NZ Fabrics Ltd

NZ Fabric has adopted a completely R&D based industry operation and sustainable measures in its factories. The unit has a weaving plant, a dyeing plant, and Fully Functional Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in its premises. There is another denim section just beside. In this visit, the TF team covered the non-denim section of the unit only.

Photo: Weaving section of NZ Fabrics Ltd

The weaving plant has 185 modern airjet looms producing 91000 yards of woven fabrics every day. The types of fabrics include but not limited to twill, canvas, dobby designs, sateens and double cloths. Both cotton and synthetic yarns are used in this factory. NZ Tex group is the one and only linen manufacturer in Bangladesh. They speak highly about their dynamic R&D team consisting more than 200 employees across the entire business units, who always work towards innovative product development. This is perhaps the only factory in our country having the capability and mindset to work with all types of Carbon positive and traceable Good Earth Cotton (GEC) in-house Recycled Cotton (PIW), Organic Cotton, cmiA, US Cotton, LEZING Tencel, Ecovero, C2C affiliated spandex from LYCRA, Sustainable Linen/Flax etc. The factory is also an example in terms of quality control. They ensure more than 99% of their production is fault-free and the fabric wastage is minimal. Equipped with full-fledged continuous dyeing unit, set up with brand new European machinery. They cover wide range of colors and use the most energy efficient technologies in their dyeing section. To treat the effluent they have an operational biological ETP with a capacity of 50 cubic meter per hour. Additionally, another ambitious most-advanced MBR ETP project is in the commissioning stage with membrane Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. It will enable re-use of dyeing effluents again in the dyeing process.

Photo: Management audit board

The capacity of this project is 300 cubic meter per hour keeping in mind their future production expansions. When operational it will be one of a kind ETP in our country setting up an example of re-using water from effluent in the production process.

One unique feature of their operation is the management audit board in every key production section to portray all the important and emergency information regarding production, maintenance, raw material supply, frequently occurring faults, production status etc. tagging all the concerned personnel. This enables all the problems to be visible and actions are taken promptly.

Photo: Dyeing and ETP section of NZ fabrics ltd
Photo: Dyeing and ETP section of NZ fabrics ltd

They also undertake unique HR practices which is not common in other factories. HR officers’ jobs are also floor oriented. There is a HR help desk in every floor so that any employee can share their and problems and accomplish HR processes seamlessly. They also highly emphasize on OHS conditions and have a target to reach 0 injury very soon. They have the practice of analyzing worker injuries and reach their root cause analysis so that it is completely prevented. Their worker turnover rate is also very low.

Photo: Md. Saleudh Zaman Khan, Managing Director, NZ Tex Group

A lively conversation with the Md. Saleudh Zaman Khan, Managing Director, NZ Tex Group represents his ambitious vision with his factory and the textile and garments sector of Bangladesh. He is passionately involved with employees and workers from all the departments ensuring great team spirit at work. Under his leadership NZ Tex group has expanded their business manifold in the past few years. He shared his future plans about involving in more value added production with diversified materials. Most of the products in his factory are high FOB orders from different renowned buyers. He proudly admired his R&D team pointing out their innovative developments. He also talked about the fiber security of the textile sector as we do not have our own cotton, neither have we had synthetic fibre production facilities here. He is also working with different forums to design feasible policies regarding the fiber security for the textile sector. He emphasized on energy usage as well as they are working on solar power generation in his factory. His involvement and in depth knowledge in textile business is evident from the conversation with TF team.

Textile Focus Industry Associate team is really proud to feature such a nice factory and motivating personality for our readers. We wish all the success to NZ Fabrics and to the great team working here in different capacities.

Photo: (from left) Maeen Md. Khairul Akter, Managing Editor, Textile Focus; Md. Rakibul Islam, Asst. Manager, Textile Focus; Md. Saleudh Zaman Khan, Managing Director, NZ Tex Group and Director-BTMA, Subodh Talukder, General Manager (Marketing)