NZ Group signed ERP platform with Logic Software


Desk Report: NZ Group is one of the most established group of companies in Bangladesh. The companies under NZ Group primarily operate under the RMG sector of Bangladesh. The organization initiated as a small family business (CA Knitwear) of a knit apparel manufacturing company in 1987. Over the years of development, it has evolved rapidly to compete as one of the most advanced group of companies in the RMG industry.


Logic Software Limited since 2008 serving the nation by ensuring industrial automation, business growth, profitability through technology. By the dynamic and enthusiastic leadership of Mr K.b. Mamoor– Managing Director, Logic Software Ltd. presented the PLATFORM ERP a system that speaks, which is the most trusted ERP software for Textile & RMG industries.
At this wonderful moment, Logic Software Limited sets another landmark by signing the Agreement with NZ Group to automate their business and operational, process through 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢 𝙀𝙍𝙋. NZ Group has opted to go for Platform ERP after attempting to implement in-house and many softwares from various sources.
On this signing occasion Mr. Nasir-Uddin Ahmed – Managing Director, NZ Group and Mr. K.B. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited. Signed the Agreement on behalf of their organization.
“LOGIC” management ensures steady customer service and aspires to ensure performance improvements of our clients. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution looming on the horizon, Logic intends to partake in this great leap for mankind. Logic aspires to work with our partners and ensure our dedication to working equally in maximizing the output of our esteemed clients and partners.
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Nasir-Uddin Ahmed, Managing Director. NZ Group said his speech: 

I am almost out from my business operations, but only for signing this agreement with you and Logic Software Limited I came today. I have tried to develop ERP but after spending several years I realize I am in the wrong way. I made another mistake, I realize it late though and I changes policies. I empowered my trusted people and they will carry forward NZ Group ahead better than before because they are more energetic, smart and they understand the utilization of technology. You are still young and energetic, so I am expecting simply the best from you and your team.