In October 2020, Turkey’s textile exports rose by 14.7%


turkey-exportIn October 2020, Turkey’s textile exports rose by 14.7% in comparison with its predecessor month and by 9% in comparison with the previous year, to $1 billion, compared with September 2020. According to a Textile Intelligence Survey, exports of textiles from Turkey decreased by 6.9 percent between January and October 2020 to a sum of 7.7 billion dollars. In October, its exports total increased to $17.3 billion by 5.6 percent. The community of 28 EU countries in October was Turkey’s largest export market for textiles and raw materials. Textile exports to those countries rose by 18.7% to $525 million, relative to October 2019. But these exports dropped by 5% to $4 billion in January-October 2020. Exports from Turkey to the former Bloc Eastern countries rose to $863 million by 0.4% in the first 10 months of the year. Simply from October exportations to those countries rose by 17.2% to 860million dollars.

In January- October the exports in African, Middle East, Asian and Oceanian countries and American and free zones were lossed by 1,9% to 242 millions USD, while the exports to other Europeans increased by 21,5% to 74 million USD compared to last year. Exports to the Turkish Republics grew by 1,9% to 257 million USD. With a 9.5% share, Germany was already the biggest market.