Oerlikon acquires Coeurdor to expand into the growing luxury goods market

oerlikon_acquires_coeurdor_to_expand_into_the_growing_luxury_goods_marketOerlikon announces the successful acquisition of Coeurdor, a leading full-service provider of components for the fast-growing luxury goods industry.

“With this acquisition, we are expanding our offering and foothold in the luxury goods market,” said Dr. Markus Tacke, CEO Oerlikon Surface Solutions Division. “Coeurdor’s creativity, agility and fast turnaround to meet the needs of customers in the highly demanding luxury market are strong additions to what we offer today in the high-end deco market.”

Coeurdor is a well-established brand and full-service provider for the design, manufacturing and coating of metallic components to world-leading luxury brands. Coeurdor’s accessories form parts of leather bags, belts, watches and other luxury goods. Coeurdor is headquartered in France and has production facilities in Italy and Portugal, employing a skilled workforce of more than 220 employees.

Oerlikon provides innovative surface solutions, such as PVD (physical vapor deposition) coatings for metal and plastic components, diamond-like coatings (DLC) and surface coating systems, as well as additive manufacturing powders and printing services. These solutions serve customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical and tooling markets, and are also used in high-end deco, consumer and white goods. Coeurdor’s expertise lies in designing and manufacturing components and using PVD and sustainable electroplating for the finishing of luxury goods

“Robert Jeambrun will remain General Manager of Coeurdor and will further grow the business by leveraging Oerlikon’s global footprint and leading technologies. Combining our know-how, we can extend our technology leadership in the luxury and high-end deco market with a full range of high-quality surface coatings on all kinds of metals, alloys and polymers,” added Dr. Tacke.

“As a family business built on a strong tradition of fine craftsmanship, meticulous work and rigorous quality assurance, this is an excellent next step for Coeurdor to expand globally,” said Robert Jeambrun, General Manager and owner of Coeurdor. “As an Oerlikon company, we can gain access to other segments of the luxury goods market worldwide. We also see huge potential in using Oerlikon’s leading surface technologies, such as PVD, and its digitalization and 3D printing capabilities to find advanced coating and Luxury 4.0 solutions like big data analysis, flexible manufacturing and mass customization for the luxury market.”

The acquisition is successfully completed, and both parties have agreed not to disclose any financial details of the transaction.