One Glass, One Garment- new development by Jeanologia

jeanologia-logoJeanologia leading in development of sustainable technologies for finishing garment  recently develop a process called One Glass, One Garment. This will finish garments with 95 per cent savings in water, 90 per cent in chemicals and 40 per cent in energy.

Jeanologia, a Spanish specialist for sustainable technologies for garment finishing, has been researching for over 20 years on how to transform the jeans industry. Jeans is the second best-selling garment in the world after the T-shirt but its production is enormously polluting and manual. Jeanologia’s objective as a technological partner is to transform this industry, to make jeans sustainable. Its solutions based on laser, ozone and nano-bubbles are able to increase productivity, reduce the time to market and reduce production costs. Jeanologia has customers across five continents and exports of machinery and services account for 90 per cent of its turnover.

Jeanologia products and solutions are currently being used in more than 45 countries, including México, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, India, China, Russia, Japan, Morocco, and Bangladesh.