Open discussion meeting of BGMEA’s election-centric alliance forum


Desk Report: Forum, an election-centric focused alliance of the board of directors of the export-oriented garment industry owners’ association BGMEA, organized an open discussion on the upcoming challenges and actions in the garment industry last Thursday. 150 industrialists who are members of BGMEA joined the discussion meeting.

The matter was informed in a press release of the forum on Saturday (December 23).

According to the forum, ordinary members spoke in this event organized differently and they expressed their opinions. 

The organization organized this meeting because of the upcoming elections of BGMEA.

Entrepreneurs raised 32 issues including de-duplication of the HS code, increased understanding with government institutions, ease of doing business, exit policy, and reasonable pricing of products. Forum panel leader Faisal Samad presented his vision and mission on each topic.

He said that BGMEA should work in the interests of the members. In the upcoming elections of BGMEA, he urged everyone to trust the forum panel and said that the forum is a unique platform to protect the interests of the members by facing any challenge.

Referring to the dire situation of the Covid epidemic, he said, with the help of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we did not allow a single factory to close at that time. He expressed his gratitude to the panel leader Prime Minister for his continuous support to the garment industry.

Panel members, past presidents and directors including forum president Abdus Salam and secretary general Asif Ibrahim were present in the open discussion.

Forum, an election-centric alliance of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), last year was nominated Abdus Salam as its new president and Faisal Samad as its panel leader.

The elections to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), the platform for apparel manufacturers and exporters, is going to be held in March next year to elect the leadership for 2024-26.