Organic clothing getting popular

stack of multicolored clothing with 100% organic label

Consumers in India are becoming concerned about sustainable clothing and the manufacturing processes the products go through. Organic clothing offers a wide range of options, be it ethnic wear, clothing for children and infants, elegant saris or office fashion. The fiber and fabrics used are sourced from all over the country and include hemp, cruelty-free silk, bamboo and organic cotton, while colors are taken from henna, turmeric, beetroot and pomegranate. The techniques used, such as block printing and hand embroidery, involve both the rich cultural heritage of India as well as the country’s skilled artisans. Labels committed to green fashion also promote the use of herbs with renowned medicinal properties as sources for color. Clothes with these natural colors have a massive advantage over those with artificial pigments, as they rejuvenate the wearer’s skin rather than causing any harm.
However organic fashion comes with a price tag. People in Tier II and III cities do not view organic fashion as familiar and accessible, and are not motivated enough to adopt it. It is crucial for the fashion industry to spread awareness that organic clothing is not just for high-end clientele in metros, but for anyone who recognises the need for sustainability, and appreciates the many benefits of eco-friendly clothing.