Organic cotton production is projected to rise 10 per cent: 2020 Organic Cotton Market Report

organic-cottonThe organic cotton production is projected to rise 10 per cent in the just completed 2019/20 crop season based on pre-COVID estimates in the ‘2020 Organic Cotton Market Report. Organic cotton production rose by 31% over the previous period for the harvest year 2018/19. Built on 418.935 hectares of soil in 2018-18,222.134 farmers produced 239,787 metric tonnes in 19 different countries. Furthermore, there was a conversion to organic 55,833 hectares of cotton cultivating land to satisfy increasing demand.

Organic cotton is commonly referred to as non-genetically engineered cotton with the exception of those approved by certified organic labeling, and without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals, such as fertilisers or pesticides.

The results estimate that 7 countries have developed about 97% of global organic cotton: India (51%), China (17%), Kyrgyzstan (10%), Turkey (10%), Tajikistan (5%), and Tanzania (2%) and the US (2%). The route is led by India and pakistan, followed by Turkey, Greece and Tadjikistan, of the 55,833 hectares of land converted into organic.