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ORTA incorporates LYCRA® T400® fiber to create new recycle fabrics


orta-blog-2Turkish Denim Mill ORTA has incorporated LYCRA® T400® fiber into its latest denim innovation, FREECYCLE fabrics, to offer added stretch and durability. The new FREECYCLE fabrics with LYCRA® T400® fiber enable denim to keep its original aesthetics and provide multiple benefits like eliminating sagging problems at the knee, providing low shrinkage and offering more stability. These benefits, along with the added stretch, help make the fabrics more comfortable and durable than rigid denim.

FREECYCLE fabrics also provide a natural cotton touch with high strength at the same time, thanks to the addition of LYCRA® T400® fiber. When considering that the short and irregular distribution of staple length in recycled cotton fiber usually leads to a decrease in fabric strength values, the unique construction of FREECYCLE fabrics is game-changing.

LYCRA® T400® fiber is a multi-component yarn in which different polymers are joined together within each filament. When exposed to heat, each polymer shrinks to a different degree, producing a smooth helical crimp. Because the crimp is not mechanically induced, LYCRA® T400® fiber gives greater, more durable stretch and recovery, as well as a softer, smoother hand than textured yarns.