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Oz-One Powder, a treatment that allows achieving bleached, distressed, or acid-wash looks on denim in an environmentally friendly way, recently introduced by Officina+39


oz-one-powder-garments-1024x640The denim industry has been trying to age new jeans for almost half a hundred years, to the detriment of the climate and wellbeing of clothing workers. To date, ozone machines that use ozone gas to naturally bleach clothing have been a key solution to this form of desirable effect. The laundries will, however, diversify their options with Officina+39’s latest technology.

Oz-One Powder was recently launched by the Italian sustainable business. This product enables laundries to obtain a bleached, damaged or acid-washed appearance on cloths that are environmentally friendly equivalent to ozone. Using conventional machines without water, the Oz-One particles break down indigo and sulphur black dyes, as well as Officina+39’s dischargeable dyestuffs series called Nebudye D, which can be used in nebulization systems like Core by Tonello or E-flow by Jeanologia.

The Oz-One Powder idea was created when Italy was locked during the first half of the year, said Andrea Venier, Officina+39 Managing Director. The organization has set out to identify environmentally-friendly and affordable strategies that would help retain a sustainable sector path before the pandemic as soon as the denim industry will reach a new world once constraints were removed. Though the ZDHC-certified powder is not much more sustainable than conventional ways of achieving the worneness of denim, Venier says, that the Oz-One has to be more sustainable than ozone technology. The sustainable advantages of Oz-One are being a chlorine and potassium free powder and a waterless method that needs no temperature during operation — system rotation alone.

Most washing machines are also affordable for creativity. This would possibly be a substantially important consideration because of the financial effects of the global pandemic, as its capacities decline in the next few months or even years. With Oz-One, Venier said its goal is to deliver a more environmentally friendly technology than chlorine and potassium permanganate for laundries without the possibility of an ozone machine. “Covid-19 is having a serious effect on our business, as we know,” he said. “It is designed to operate in traditional machinery, so there’s no need for new investment.”