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Pakistan hopes to expand its market share of knitwear exports to 20 per cent in 2021-22.


pakistan-textilesIn 2020-21, Pakistan’s knitwear exports increased by 36.57 per cent compared to 2019-20. As per a Textile Focus report, revenues from knitwear exports increased 25.83 per cent compared to revenues from export of woven garments. Knitwear exports earnings also surpassed earnings from bedwear by 37.68 per cent. Globally Pakistan has 1.83 per cent share in knitwear exports, Bangladesh has 8.12 per cent share. For three years in a row, Pakistan’s knitwear garment business was ranked first among textile groups in terms of employment. Its knitwear business contributes significantly to the country’s textile industry’s value addition. The country is expanding its product basket of knitwear items to attract new innovations and incentives to increase exports.