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Pakistan steps forward to export textile masks and sanitizers to developed countries


The federal government of Pakistan has agreed to lift the ban on silk masks and sanitary goods. This represents the active strategy of Pakistan to hide COVID-19 when it is followed by developed countries. Yet can the government fulfill Pakistan’s positive strategy with the Supreme Court?

This was determined at a meeting of the NCOC under the auspices of the Nati Triune Coordination Committee. He said the decision would contribute to boosting exports in the country by satisfying foreign market demand for these goods.

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the world, exports of all surgical masks and sanitizers were banned. Although the exports of washable cloth masks were not restricted, primarily used as anti-dusk emission masks, these exports were not permitted by customs authorities.

The advisor said that the Ministry of Commerce would explain the export items further. He reiterated that surgical masks and N-95 masks are not sold on the local market.

Notice that a recent application was submitted to the Federal Investigatory Agency (FIA) by the Pakistan Young Pharmacist Association (PYPA) alleging that 20 million facial másks were smuggled from Pakistan with government officials.