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Pandemic impact on Fabric business


Md Istiak Rahman Shishir Khan, CEO, Fabrics Mart

Due to pandemic situation, European Union and the world put the effort on textiles, clothes, footwear and accessories supply chains, in the midst of ongoing social and climate crisis. On the yet another hand, the virus has seriously impacted major manufacturing hubs (China, Vietnam, India, Italy and so on), leading to major supply disorder.

md-istiak-rahman-shishir-khan-ceo-fabrics-martSupply chain crash has in turn caused brands and retailers to break agreements, cancel order, delay delivery and request supplier discounts. In this regard Bangladeshi fabrics manufacturers & sourcing agents are facing some challenges due to strict lockdown & pandemic disaster.

Textile Focus: Due to pandemic, what is the impact on Fabric business & how will it be overcome?

Due to covid, maximum buyers are decreasing the garments order quantity as sales is less. some of retail shops were closed. Most countries are still in lockdown. Repeat order price also decreased due to less sales.

If people don’t go to the shop who will buy the garment? thats the reason price, Qty everything going to be down day by day. we just pray to god for overcoming this situation as early as possible.