‘Pandemic struggles still prevail, however huge business order flow is a hope- if the industry is to capitalize it’

“Logic Presents Focus Talk”- Monthly Webinar Series by Textile Focus”

Textile Focus, being one of the leading textile industry development firm and media has initiated a special online monthly dialogues session “Focus Talk- focusing solutions”. Textile Focus have designed the session to discuss once in a month focusing contemporary industry challenges with respective expert panelists from industry. The discussion and findings will be widely circulated via online streams, hard copy magazines and social media platforms. This Special Webinar series is sponsored by reputed technology provider Logic Software Limited, a sister concern of Asrotex Group.


First Episode of “Logic Presents Focus Talk” webinar titled “Textile & Apparel Industry- Pandemic Aftermath” was held on 16th October, 2021 at 3.30-4.30 pm through Zoom Platform, where a good number participants attended.

Md. Fazlul Hoque, Managing Director, Plummy Fashion & Former President BKMEA; Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun, Vice President -BTMA; Director, Abed Textile Processing Mills Ltd.; and Mr. Fazlee Shamim Ehsan, Vice President -BKMEA; Managing Director, Fatullah Apparels Ltd. were the Guest speaker of this Dialogue Session. On behalf of sponsors, welcome speech was given by K. B. Mamoor, Managing Director, Logic Software Ltd; Director- Asrotex Group. The whole session was moderated by Maeen Md. Khairul Akter, Managing Editor, Textile Focus & Assistant Professor, Bangladesh University of Textiles.

The objectives of this session were to discuss how the industry is coping up with the post pandemic issues and what are the opportunities lying ahead for us in the textile and apparel industry. It was lively session with insightful inputs form all the panelists, guest and the moderator.

Md. Fazlul Hoque stated that the industry is yet to completely out of the adversities caused by the pandemic, particularly due to the very last shutdown after eid-ul-fitre. However, huge order flow is coming to Bangladesh predominantly because of the recent surge of covid-19 in Vietnam and closures in China. But the problem is due to low prices factories are toiling hard to make business out of it. Matter of fact is, we have to receive the orders at least to repair the losses incurred during the pandemic. Again, as most of the factories have more orders than the capacity, it is also a high time to take collaborative steps to secure better prices from the retailers. Many burning issues are yet to resolve concerning the price negotiation with buyers and maintaining a price ceiling as per HS Code. He hopes to resolve the issues soon, as there is no way to come out this vicious cycle of price.

Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun, who is a director of BTMA, emphasized the strengthening of backward linkage industry to mitigate the problems caused by the supply chain disruptions. He stated that the capacity of Bangladesh textile manufacturing has considerable increased in the recent times. However, due to the lack of raw materials industry cannot flourish rapidly. He emphasized on the technical textile market because low-cost garment making can’t be a sustainable business mix for a country in long term.

Mr. Fazlee Shamim Ehsan talked about the vaccination status and ongoing process of constructing an SOP for operating in covid or any other calamitic situations. He also urged to develop technology and skills for better productivity and capacity utilization.  

K.B. Mamoor, who is the MD of Logic Software talked about the scoped of improving operational efficiency in garments industries with proper ERP software.  Their company logic software designs customized solutions for different garments industry needs.

The session ended with praises for Textile Focus for continuing industry development activities in an innovative way.