Pandora Associates Ltd showcase the latest solution for Textile Industry at DTG 2023

Dr. Quazi Taif Sadat-PhD, Director, Pandora Associates Ltd.

Pandora Associates Ltd. is a company with a vision to develop the capacity of the textile & garment sector and its human resources. Starting its journey on 2nd May 1999 as a Private Limited Company incorporated in Bangladesh as per the Company Act of 1994, our Sales & Marketing Team, Technical Team and Quality Assurance department support the customers to grow and achieve professional excellence.

The largest machinery trade fair in Bangladesh ‘Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery’ (DTG) has showcased a variety of equipment, products, technologies as well as services and information concerning all the textile and garment processing and production aspects including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, testing, washing, embroidery, sewing and more.

Product ranges of Pandora Associates Ltd: PANTONE, Verivide, Roaches, York Needle Detector, Button Pull Test Machine & a number of Lab Equivalents.
More than 23 textile companies are working with us.
We will showcase DTG’s many products including New PANTONE colour books.

Future plan for the Bangladesh market: We are working to make our business sustainable. For that reason, we have opened two wings under our umbrella named Pandora Accessories Ltd (100% Export Oriented Garment Accessories Manufacturer) & Pandora Calibration Ltd. As it has been mentioned that by 2030 our RMG export will be 100 billion USD, and we are also hopeful to grow with the market.