Paravir Announces Launch of Its’ Novel Anti-Microbial Non-Woven Fabric for Healthcare and PPE Applications

antimicrobialParavir Launches Innovative Materials Technology for Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease Using Novel Anti-Pathogenic Composite Material

Paravir, a UK-based company, announced today that it has developed a novel, IP-protected, composite material using readily available dry powders impregnated into off-the-shelf, non-woven material of the type commonly used in face masks and other surgical clothing and equipment.

 Recent testing at UK laboratories has confirmed the destruction of 99.99% of the microbial population in under 20 minutes. This represents a world class solution to a global problem with low manufacturing cost.

Paravir offers the opportunity to license or acquire novel technology for production of antimicrobial nonwoven fabrics. The Sage Group is advising Paravir in their global search for manufacturing and distribution partners.

Paravir has novel IP and core knowledge in the production of easily manufactured, low cost but highly effective, disposable, non-woven composite material with stringent anti-microbial properties. The manufacturing technology embodies a dry approach and can be incorporated on virtually all standard production lines for non-woven fabrics.

Paravir’s innovative approach includes novel material composition and novel manufacturing technology. The active compound used is environmentally friendly, approved and generally regarded as safe. It is also low cost and is universally available.

The Paravir process uses impregnation of a dry non-metallic powder which is safe, readily available and low COGS. The resulting material is non-harmful to humans, animals, marine and plant life; it has been proven to eliminate >99.99% of all microbial activity in under 20 minutes, eliminating harmful bio-burden. Existing products in the market contain silver, copper and zinc.

The global presence of COVID-19 has highlighted the shortcomings of non- woven materials which generally lack anti-microbial properties. This is largely due to the cost and complexity associated with their manufacture. The present pandemic will persist for years, and other ever present epidemics re-enforce the need for effective, easily manufactured anti-microbial material, particularly in the surgical and healthcare arena.

The global disposable face mask market size exceeded a value of USD 74.90 billion in Q1 of 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 53.0% from 2020 to 2027.