Passion for success – SSM symposium in Korea and Egypt


People, markets, technologies and fashion are subject to continuous changes that require a passion for success to deliver top products and best solutions for any new demand. SSM is living these values and has shared their experience during the symposia in Korea and Egypt.

ssm_symposium_krSSM held a symposium in Daegu City, Korea. Over 90 delegates from the industry joined the event. In cooperation with KTDI and Melchers, SSM informed the audience about the latest inventions and solutions of SSM GIUDICI in the field of Air Texturing. The symposium mainly focused on the texturing material itself and was conducted in a way that participants could understand and would be interested in. The highlight of the day was the showing of fabric and yarn samples as customers went on one by one to check and see while spontaneous questions were answered at the same time. The various samples consisting of air-textured yarns (ATY) and draw-textured yarns (DTY) where shown in regard to its application and end use. Finally the delegates could see the SSM texturing machines running at KTDI.

Beginning of April, SSM had the opportunity to share their passion at the SWISSMEM symposium in Cairo, Egypt. The well-organized symposium attracted a large number of Egyptian textile manufacturers. During the two days the participants learned more about the Swiss textile machinery and their commitment to innovative high quality products. With Factor+ the Swiss industry is presenting their benefits in superior sustainable technology, such as the SSM DIGICONE® 2 winding algorithm, enabling higher dye package density with unchanged dyeing recipes. The possibility to optimize the yarn dyeing production with the SSM winding algorithm saves time, resources and money.

The feedback of the two symposiums was overwhelming and thanks to the commitment to technological innovation, focused on cooperation with best partners and industry leaders, SSM’ recognition as innovative leader in yarn processing and winding has been confirmed.