My plan is to keep the factory small but to ensure a high tech facility-Subael Sarwar, Managing Director, Penta Group

Penta Group is one of the leading Manufacturers and exporters of readymade garments in Bangladesh managed by a team of professionals engaged in the business for more than a decade has gained an immense reputation at home and overseas. With advanced technology  production facilities, the company is  performing at the level required to meet the demand of the buyer spread over Japan, Portugal, USA, Poland. Finland and many other EU countries. Innovative business approach, dynamic vision, foresight, sustainability, resource mobilization, quality assurance and superior services are the keys for their success.


The promoter and founder Chairman & Managing Director, Hon. Golam Sarwar Milon came up with the idea of  Export Oriented Companies  back in the nineties called Beautiful Jackets Ltd. It the first to be establised in 1993 . Over the years several other companies were incorporated to cater the increasing business demand and work successfully under the banner of Beautiful Jackets Ltd and helped to achieved its goal.

Subael Sarwar, son of Golam Sarwar Milon, a young dynamic second generation is now the Managing Director of Penta Group. He is also one of the Directors of BAYLA. After graduating from North south in 2015, He started his careeas the director of Penta Group .   At the end of 2016, he fully took over and faced challenges with the  newly imposed alliance issue . However, he successfully overcame the situation and now running a factory with a small quantity but very efficiently.

Team Textile Focus Recently talked with Mr. Subael. He has demonstrated their specialties, Challenges and future Plan-

Specialties: Penta Group has expertise in padding jacket, fleece jacket, denim jacket and all kinds of woven bottoms item. Recently they have started some beachwear collection production as well.products

Challenges: As we import all our raw materials, so the main challenge for us is to meet the lead time. Time become an issue as we have port congestion, a lack of road infrastructures.  Customs takes huge time for clearing goods like viscose, as they go through testing process. Our Competitors claim to  deliver goods within 30-60 days whereas we take 90 days just because of these issues. We need immediate support from Govt. to free the port making it easy for us to achieve our target in due time.

Price is another challenge. Most of the time, we compete with factories in terms of price. Buyers also create some problems just before opening L/C.

Future Plan:  We are now focusing on adding value to our jacket product and also focus on beachwear collections. My plan is to keep the factory small but ensure a high tech facility. I believe in Practicing sustainability not just by certification, so we are focusing on waste minimization and energy savings

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