Plummy Fashion Ltd. Inspiration of green industry in the world


Textile Focus Special Correspondent 

screenshot-180Bangladesh is developing rapidly with the success of textile garment industrialization. In today’s global economy the protection of the environment is a key component of any sustainable business plan. Reversing, Global warming, climate change, damage to the ozone layer and the loss of biodiversity is the responsibility of business today.

Plummy Fashions Ltd (PFL) located in Narayanganj, 20 kilometers south from Dhaka city center has set an example of green industry in textile world. The site is 5.5 acres, sensitively landscaped with a combination of award winning designed buildings and 3 acres of tranquil gardens has commenced a ground breaking project. PFL strives for sustainable and accountable business practices in Bangladesh and is establishing the definitive business model that manufactures and customers can follow for the benefit of everyone. PFl has installed a class leading natural water management system re-cycling and reusing both rainwater and surface water. A natural lake located inside the factory premises not only ensures a balanced eco system, but a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, important in a busy world.

PFL has set a remarkable example considering the bellow facts-

leed_platinumAward: Awarded by USGBC (U.S.GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL) for assuring a good contribution in several fields like reduction in energy use, reduction in water
use, reduction in carbon footprint etc. Won the National Award on Environment 2016, the
highest award in environment of Bangladesh.

sustainable-siteSustainable site: All the essential facilities and amenities are located within 500 metres, including market, school, mosque, and bus stops. The site also provides secure bicycle parking facilities and encourages the use of non-fossil fuel transport.

rain-water-hervestingRain Water Harvesting– Rain water is collected in a
harvesting tank and re-cycled for toilet flushing and
irrigation purposes.

heatHeat Island Effect-The reduction in heat islands minimizes
the thermal impact on the local micro climate
plus human and wildlife habitats.

reduce-ozoneReduce Ozone Depletion-PFL has installed CFC free
refrigerants for chillers, air conditioning and insulation.


land-scapingContemporary Landscape-The 5.1 acres land of the project is uniquely designed by one of the finest landscape architects in Bangladesh. More than 50% land area of the project has been retained as green space which exceeds the requirement of USGBC.

co2-monitoringCO2 Monitoring System- PFL has installed carbon
dioxide sensor to monitor the level of CO2 in the occupied

local-materialsLocal Materials for Construction-More than 20% (By
Cost) of local materials has been used for construction
to support the local economy and to reduce the environmental
impact resulting from transportation.

energy-effecient-mcEnergy Efficient Machineries- PFL has selected machines with very low energy servo motors to reducing power consumption by 50% over conventional factories. State of the art LED lights further reduce the energy demand by 80% over incandescent equivalent.


Maximum Day Lighting-The factory has designed the windows and louvers in a way to use maximum daylight. Moreover, 44 signature series prismatic dome skylights by Sun optics, USA has been installed for ambient lighting during the day time.

open-areaAdequate Open Area- More than 50% of the total site
has been kept as open space to restrict the footprint of
the factory.

Plummy Fashion is very much sincere on compliance issues. There are facilities ofscreenshot-181

The well designed and environment friendly working area attracts the workers, staffs, visitors. There are touch of green in every space of the factory area. When Bangladeshi factories are blaming for low infrastructure, bad industrial set-up, inadequate compliance Plummy Fashion Ltd. is an example for them. More factory owners and new entrepreneurs are coming forward for greener industrialization. This is not so far when Bangladesh will be a role model for green industry.