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PM Sourcing (Pvt) Ltd is focusing on Quality and Commitment – Elais Farhad Prince, Managing Director, PM Sourcing (PVT) Ltd.


Elais Farhad Prince is a visionary entrepreneur and an example among Bangladeshi buying entrepreneurs. He has worked with number of factories, brand -retail offices and was inspired to contribute to the textile and apparel industry by the people around his. Throughout his career, he took new challenges all-time. More than around 14 years he worked three companies and develop buyers through better communication.

Elais Farhad Prince, Managing Director of PM Sourcing (Pvt) Ltd

Elais Farhad Prince, Managing Director of PM Sourcing (Pvt) Ltd

Now he is the Managing Director of PM Sourcing (Pvt) Ltd – a creative tailoring solution. During pandemic he has started his new business with new challenges.

Recently he shared his dreams and passion with Textile Focus Here is a glimpse of the discussion for the readers.

Recent scenario of RMG sector:

Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest Readymade Garment (RMG) exporter, just behind China. The country’s 84% of exports come from the RMG sector. It plays a significant role in transforming the monetary structure of developing nations. RMG sector in Bangladesh is fighting to survive during covid-19 but I see the more potential new business for us from Myanmar and China. I have visited many countries and I was door to door of buyers and still buyers are comfortable with Bangladesh.

Our vision is to provide 100% sustainable products by 2025 to customers. We have already started our sustainable journey by providing 100% organic cotton jeans, trousers. Denim jean with the sustainable wash, Sweater with Recycle polyester, Acrylic, 100% organic cotton T-shirt, and so on.

About PM Sourcing:

Our main vision is to provide sustainable products to customers from Bangladesh. Our product ranges is all types of Knit, Woven and Sweaters items. Initially we are working with around twelve factories who are exporting for us to Europe and USA market and on the other hand many customers are under development process. Our main strength is quality, commitment and Honesty. Besides that we have a strong team including Merchandising, Quality, and Design.

Future Plan:

With the blessing of Allah, our vision is to contribute to Bangladesh by exporting large volume number of goods with best quality. Our main plan is develop new buyers and increase the Business and keep business transparent with factories, I believe if factory survive, Bangladesh RMG will survive. So we are playing our role as a trusted bridge between Buyer and Factory.

Challenges and Way out: 

Recently due to the yarn price high, we are facing a huge problem, we can’t meet up products price with the buyers. Day by day product price is decreasing, so we need a smooth supply chain for sustainable raw material sourcing in order to catch the targets, Beside that in order to overcome the situation we have to explain properly to buyers about the raw materials and Pandemic, I had a strong believe on myself and Some causes I was able to explain properly to buyer and accordingly buyer helps by increment of price. So I am optimistic.

Thanks Giving:

Many thanks to you for always be with PM Sourcing (PVT) Ltd. Please always keep us in your prayer.