Polartec develops new NeoShell waterproof fabric for Teton

polartecPolartec the US fabric maker and Teton have developed a waterproof jacket fabric called NeoShell. It works with the US military to develop fabric solutions for the armed forces. Teton is a Japanese apparel brand focused on functional backcountry apparel. These new waterproof NeoShell fabrics aim to offer an unprecedented combination of supple stretch, breathability, and overall comfort.

When Polartec introduced breathable comfort and waterproof protection with NeoShell, Teton became one of the first brands to use it to make more functional and versatile waterproof gear. Polartec creates versions of NeoShell with different fabrics on either side of the membrane, all of which can be engineered to achieve different performance characteristics. The NeoShell which has been created specifically for Teton Bros is a more supple 70 by 160 denier mechanical stretch nylon woven NeoShell fabric that balances drape and stretch with high durability for greater mobility in the body of the garment. It has an extremely abrasion resistant and durable nylon woven face fabric for use over the shoulders and waist of the jacket.