Porter-Yoshida & Co. introduced Anniversary Capsule Bag with the help of BYBORRE Create™

World-renowned Japanese accessory and luggage brand PORTER celebrated their 85th anniversary by creating a capsule of bags that remains in line with their brands’ heritage while reimagining the possibilities of the modern bag with the help of BYBORRE’s platform, Create™. Paying homage to their parent company, Yoshida & Co, the project stays true to the core identity of the brand by picking their signature color range and utilising 6 of their most iconic styles.

BYBORRE’s Create™ platform was used to access the knowledge and materials needed to enable PORTER to drive forward the innovation of their brand’s universe, pairing knitted technology alongside Porter’s signature nylon. Together, a range of truly unique products was created, which bridges the gap between textile innovation and time-honoured craftsmanship.

Having used almost every kind of material known to mankind throughout the years, this project allowed PORTER to push the boundaries of their products with the help of the Valby 3D™ knit, a textile package that Create™ gives access to. By implementing their brand DNA into the textile itself and using iconic styles for the capsule, this not only meant that previous fans of the PORTER legacy would feel right at home, but it also broadened their horizons.

Discussing the need for the product and its user resulted in selecting a textile package best suited for its end usage. In this case the Valby was used, a 3D™ knit known for its sturdiness while still being relatively light – making it very suitable for bags. In addition, the Create™ platform offers a variety of recycled materials, ensuring that it runs in line with Yoshida & Co’s core ethos of no wastage, and would guarantee the durability and versatility that PORTER required.

Create™ would also offer complete creative freedom when it came to the design stages of the project. One of the key components of the capsule was embedding PORTER’s Brand DNA into the core concept of the range. Because of this, color and logo placement was paramount. Create™ “wasn’t very hard to use” advised the PORTER team during these design stages, and colors and tones were chosen out of the platform. It was mentioned that “getting the PORTER logo placement and overall balance correct was challenging and replicating the classic PORTER orange color was the most time-consuming task” – but after in-depth discussions with the BYBORRE team the PORTER orange was 1:1 exact in the outcome. Next to the iconic PORTER logo, key terms like “PORTER”, “Tokyo” and “1935” would also be seamlessly embedded into the very fabric itself across the entirety of the bags, creating a pattern-like design, achieved by using the Create™ platform’s design potential.