Portugal’s textile and garment exports climbed by 16.5% during Pandemic year

portugalPortugal’s textile and garment exports climbed by 16.5 percent from 2020 to €.419 billion in 2021, a 3.9 percent rise over the year before the pandemic. Exports of knitted garments climbed by 9% to €2.336 billion, according to the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal (ATP), while exports of home textiles increased by 17% to €763 million.

Exports of woven clothing, on the other hand, fell 19 percent to €796 million. Exports to France saw the greatest rise in absolute terms among export destinations. The country’s exports increased by 18% to €119 million. The French textile and garment market now accounts for 15% of total exports.

Exports to the United States climbed the highest among non-EU destinations, increasing by €107 million. Exports to Spain, on the other hand, fell 14% to -€220 million. The value of the Spanish apparel market fell to 25% in 2021, down from 31% in 2019. According to the ATP, the sector’s trade balance in 2021 was positive at €1.168 billion, indicating a 127 percent coverage rate.