Primark aims at using 100 percent sustainable cotton in all its product categories

Primark currently uses sustainable cotton in women’s pajamas, denim, towels and bedding. Men’s wear and T-shirts are next in line. As a part of this program, the fast fashion retailer has set a new target of training 1,60,000 farmers in India, Pakistan and China in eco-friendly farming methods by 2022. Different farming methods being taught include efficient irrigation, planting in rows with trenches to maximise drainage and introducing pesticides and fertilizers such as cow dung to reduce the use of chemical options. Some farmers in India have increased their incomes by 200 per cent since enrolling on the program. Primark is minimising the use of fertilizers and pesticides on crops but not doing away with them altogether. Completely organic farming means a much lower yield which would affect the livelihoods of farmers.

UK-based Primark is one of the biggest names in value-focused fashion. Its fourth quarter sales growth has been faster than in the previous nine months of the financial year due to an improving like-for-like performance. Primark has performed well in the UK even though the country’s fashion market has been weak.