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Primeasia University takes the initiative to provide free masks


fb_img_1583918456636Bangladesh remains at high risk of coronavirus (covid-19) spread as Bangladesh’s connectivity with the countries where regular incidents of the coronavirus occurred left it to the chance of virus infection any time. To prevent coronavirus, it is important to use of mask. As soon as coronavirus patient found, the price of masks highly went up. Still now, it goes beyond the reach of many peoples due to high price.

By Considering all of these aspects, Dr. A B M Abdullah & Dr. M A Sayeed (Associate Professor, Textile Engineering Dept. Primeasia University) started to think about something new. They took decision to produce mask in Apparel manufacturing lab of Primeasia University. Dr. Abu Sayeed said,

“In our country, the artificial crisis of mask is started after spreading coronavirus. We were worried about this issue. Then we have planned to produce this type of special mask in our apparel lab. We have collected surplus knit fabric from a factory. Then operators started to produce these masks for staffs and students. To make these germs free and antiseptic, every single piece of masks is treated with Neem leaf’s juice (Azadirachta indica) at 110°c. This is antimicrobials finishing for these masks”. These masks are disinfected by natural means.

He also said, “If anyone want, they can collect it from our (Primeasia University’s) apparel lab for free. Manufacturing cost for per pieces of mask may 8-9 taka. But these type of masks are not available in market. ” About future plans, He said,

“We will provide these masks for free of cost. Besides, if anyone want to get training on this, we will provide training for free as the sewing of this mask isn’t so easy. ”

Though first time these masks were made only for students and staffs of Primeasia University, but now anyone can collect masks for free of cost from Apparel manufacturing lab of Primeasia University. Students are very delighted about this initiative. They are collecting their desired mask joyfully.

Atika Bari, Student of Textile Engineering Department, Primeasia University) Said, “Undoubtedly, this is a great initiative. We all should come forward from our side to support and appreciate this type of positive work.”  Bithi Islam Orithi said, “This type of great decision should be followed by others. We are feeling proud.