Professional Talk an interaction between professionals and students, organized by BUTEX Business Club

TF Desk Report

butex-business-clubProfessional Talk, a program of interaction between the successful professionals of textile sector and the students of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) was held on 14th September, 2017.

This first ever segment on professional talk organized by BUTEX Business Club and presented by DyStar mainly featured the ins and outs of the denim industry of Bangladesh.

As guest speakers, Rafat Hasan Chowdhury, DGM of Amber Denim and Ibrahim Khalil Tipu, GM of Nice Denim (Washing) shared their vast experience during the session hosted by Md. Arif Iqbal, Lecturer of BUTEX.

They explicated how hard they had to work to be in such a position and thus made it clear to the students that there is no shortcut to success. One has to learn throughout his life to be successful. There was an open floor for the students to ask questions about denim sector.

While answering a question relating to the scope of fresh graduates in denim sector, Ibrahim Khalil Tipu said, “Of course, there is a greater opportunity for those who have enough confidence and basic knowledge about his upcoming works.” On being asked about the qualities expected from a fresh graduate, Rafat Hasan stated, “IQ and psychological tests are among the few basic tests we prefer because it’s a must to keep up mental strength in industry.” They both agreed to one point that due to the lack of presentation skills, our engineers are trailing behind. And in spite of having challenges, textile Engineers have a lot to do in this sector.

The program came to an end with a brief but neat speech by Md. Majaharul Islam Sumon, Country Manager of DyStar and a vote of thanks to BUTEXBC, the guests and all other students. “This program would facilitate in choosing our career”, said some of the students and they want it to be continue on a regular basis.