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Promaker has grown significantly over the past eight years

Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo (ITCPE) has become a professional exhibition with wide influence, high popularity and good effect. Focusing on textile printing equipment and materials trading market, we are committed to creating the best exhibit, communicate and trade platform for enterprises in the industry. As the first highly influential textile printing professional exhibition in China, ITCPE has become an important way for domestic and foreign enterprises to explore the market. ITCPE 2024 is a unique event showcasing the rapid growth of China’s digital printing and embroidery machine industry. Chinese companies, with their substantial investment in research and development and keen understanding of market needs, have become formidable competitors to leading global brands.

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Team Textile Focus visited ITCPE 2024 and talked with different exhibitors. Here we are presenting some key discussion points from Mr. Fang CEO, Zhejiang Promaker

About Promaker:

Zhejiang Promaker Intelligent Embroidery Equipment is one of fastest growing embroidery machine manufacturing company from China. Promaker determines to become the top embroidery machine factory in the world. It firmly believes that attitude decides everything, and only by focusing on the needs of customers it can make the best of its products and services.

Promaker’s expert professional manufacturing and sales teams, focus on the development and manufacturing of multi-head embroidery machines for a vast range of embroidery applications.  We are proud to offer our customers high performance and high production speed machines that beat any other model on the market today, as well as embroidery solutions for specific application needs. Within our modern factory, we are fully equipped with a variety of advanced equipment, enabling large-scale production of embroidery machines here in house, without having to sacrifice quality or reliability at a rate of roughly 5,000 machines/year. Our equipment is manufactured with a full-scale production process, including machine structure welding process, advanced shot blasting process, high-quality surface spraying, precision machining and high standard installation and debugging processes, ensuring our customers receive the absolute best embroidery equipment we have to offer, all at reasonable prices.

At Promaker, we employ 410 talented individuals, allowing us as a company to focus on our customers and their needs, offering not only top of the line equipment and services, but also enabling us in our goal of becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial embroidery machines. Don’t believe us? Simply ask our international customers, with a base spanning around the globe to include India, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, and a number of Middle Eastern countries.

A briefly explain of manufacturing setup:
All the body structure of Promaker is independently designed and made by ourselves. We control the quality of the front surface of the body structure, and use the marine anti-rust paint to spray on the body structure. We are using the same painting technology used by automobile industry. Machining business department has 98 sets of the most advanced precision machining center in the industry, more than 40 sets of various CNC machine tools, equipped with detector, mirror analyzer equipment, spectrum analyzer, tension machine, three coordinates measuring instrument etc., which ensure body structures have strict quality control from raw materials to finished products, ensuring high precision, zero defects of the key parts.

We have the largest body structure production workshop in our industry, owning a full set of equipment such as cutting, incision, welding, etc. Our employees go through professional training and holding senior welder certificate, control the welding material, groove angle, protective gas mixing ratio and other technical requirements strictly, which lets Promaker become the steadiest high-speed embroidery machine frame.  

We have a very advanced and professional embroidery machine production line, a complete process including Body Making – Shot Blasting- Body Cutting- Body Painting- Machine Assembling- Machine Testing- Delivery Inspection- Packing and Dispatching, and the maximum daily output could be 20 machines. Our production equipment is comprehensive and valuable. In the new factory we have invested $23 million to optimize our hardware. Propmaker’s frame and spare parts are 100 percent completed in the precision machinery manufacturing workshop of our company which guarantee the quality of each machine from the source.

How Promaker is different than other Chinese manufactures?
We are on customer’s side. We want our customers to get maximum benefit of our technology & experience. We strive for Highest Level of Stability of machine, which can only be achieved by high precision of each part. High Precision and R&D leads to High Speed, Long Machine Life & better stitch quality thus ensuring high production & better rates for embroidery. Better machine life ensures Value for Money & lesser investment compared to our competitors. Our in-house made high quality parts & assembly system makes sure that there is minimum repair maintenance thus increasing production by minimizing downtime.

We made this factory because we wanted to make a brand in China which can be comparable with leading Japanese embroidery machine brands. We don’t want people to say that Chinese machines are of low quality, therefore our company attaches great importance to the machine quality. We use high quality raw material for making good quality products. A good quality machine will last longer and give value for money.

Reason behind our success:

The reason behind our success is that they have state-of–the-art manufacturing facilities and R&D center to make the best quality embroidery machine. There is no doubt we make the best machine with professional working style and strategies, which are focused on customer service. There is proper testing of each machine before dispatch so that customers don’t face any problem during and after the installation. We also provide all kind of samples as per customer’s requirements. We are getting many repeats order which shows the customer trust in Promaker’s machine. In near future we are planning to expand our sales and service network to many more textile centers worldwide. We hope to touch new heights together in coming years.”

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