Purbani Group signed MoU with AUW for Women Empowerment Project “Pathways for Promise”

Desk Report: Leaders come from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is the reason why Purbani Group and the Asian University For Women entered into a new collaboration to pave the way for female garment workers in our factories to fulfill their dreams of higher studies. We believe this type of initiative will help us to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality at both National & Global levels.

PURBANI will collaborate to expand, enhance and promote the education, leadership, and empowerment of female garment workers. Purbani Group Managing Director Mr. Shafiqul Sohel Sarker and Dean of Arts and Sciences of Asian University for Women Ms. Beena Khurana inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on behalf of their respective sides at Purbani Group Corporate office in Gulshan on Sunday, 19 March 2023.

Under the new partnership, Purbani Group will collaborate on:

– To select deserving and potential RMG workers from our Strategic Business Units who have passed HSC or equivalent and couldn’t continue studying any longer due to poverty or other financial issues.

– We will facilitate training and education for women workers and shortlisted candidates will be selected for giving admission tests under the UW exam curriculum.

– Asian University for Women will provide full free studentship for the deserving students up to 5 from concerns, whereas PURBANI will continue to provide gross wages for the 5 years, till the completion of their degree.

– During this time, the pathways scholars will learn various co-curricular activities to enhance their leadership skills.

– PURBANI will facilitate jobs for the sponsored students after completion of their graduation.

Pathways for Promise aims to identify and educate highly talented women from underserved communities. In the signing ceremony,Purbani Group Director Ms. Sharmin Hai, Mr. Zakaria Hossain Sarker Farhan, Executive Director Mr. Shahriar I. Halim, Head of Sustainability & CI Mr. ABM Faqrul Alam Rubel, Sr. Officer Mr. Emran Khan and Director of Students Recruitment of Asian University for Women Mr. Suman Chatterjee exchanged their thoughts and the way forward of this program.