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QIMA says Bangladesh ranks 2nd for ethical manufacturing in 2020


Hong Kong-based supply chain compliance solutions provider, QIMA says  Bangladesh ranks 2nd for ethical manufacturing in 2020. QIMA also observed the good practices by local suppliers in the international supply chain

The report says, Bangladesh stood out among major manufacturing countries in South Asia. Taiwan came in first followed by Vietnam in the third position and then by Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey, China, India, and Brazil. China stood seventh on the list behind Turkey and Pakistan.

QIMA conducts these assessments based on health and safety, hygiene, waste management, child labour, working hours, benefits and labour practices.


The report, titled “2020 in Review: Global Trade Covid Disruption Shows Transformations in Consumption Habits and Rampant Ethical Risks, as China Sourcing Beats the Odds,” mentioned that the pandemic aggravated human rights risks in global supply chains.

The QIMA audit data sourced data from reopened factories and remote audit states that the figure critical non-compliances increased by more than 100% in the second half of 2020 compared to the first.

It’s a great achievement especially for the RMG sector. As a largest manufacturer we are more focused on sustainability. Bangladesh has the highest number of green factories Our factories ensuring workers health and safety and follow the labour law, said, Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA