RABATEX is to showcase the latest innovation and technology for the textile industry at India ITME 2022 (Hall-14, Stall-A8B7)

A leading name in the textile industry with a strong footprint in both the domestic and international markets, Rabatex has also expressed interest in diversification by expanding its vision towards developing products with the potential to be applied to numerous industries.

After a two-year delay due to the pandemic, the International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITME) 2022 is slated to take place in India this year’s second week of December. The involvement of more than 1,800 Exhibitors from 91 countries and 22 chapters will make this event a one-stop shop for engineering solutions and diverse techniques for the textile industry, which will, in turn, greatly benefit the Indian sector. The event will highlight India as a prominent textile machinery manufacturing hub and facilitate connections between agents, retailers, and manufacturers for domestic and foreign markets.

As it has in the past, India ITME will provide exhibitors with unparalleled commercial opportunities and will facilitate joint ventures. Technology transfers as the country’s textile sector is expected to proliferate due to strong domestic and international demand. It would provide access to numerous business verticals via leads, contacts, and inquiries on a vast platform. For this reason, Rabatex has decided to extend its support to the event by being a ‘Gold’ sponsor. As this is an opportunity that presents itself only once in four years, Mr.Panchal aims to display the innovative strides that Rabatex has made in recent years in its product portfolio.

Haresh Panchal, Managing Director, Rabatex Industries, India

At Rabatex, the customer comes first. Therefore, our activities include constant innovation and ensuring customer satisfaction. We also believe that happy, self-actualized employees lead to contented customers and thus consider our employees our most important assets.

Haresh Panchal, Managing Director, Rabatex Industries, India

Haresh Panchal’s insistence on developing automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and the vertical lift model (VLM) is expected to show fruitful results in the coming years due to the sheer number of industries that would benefit from the use of this technology in almost all industrial segments globally. Rabatex’s well-established family of clients, comprising both domestic and foreign customers, continues to grow to this day due to the importance placed on consistency in product quality and in the effort to achieve customer satisfaction. This is carried out through stringent quality checks at each level that follows the detailed insights of the management and the thrust on innovation that is the hallmark of the company’s research and development team. All this put together has given Rabatex a firm global footprint.

Some of the products they plan to display include the advanced sectional warping machine, fully automatic sample warping machine, small width sample weaving machine, small width sample warping machine, Single End Sizing Machine, and their line of material storage VLM. Gold sponsoring this event will allow Rabatex to gain better brand visibility and more significant presence in the international market by demonstrating the fruits of 14 years’ worth of research and development, which have ensured that their machinery is fully capable of competing with textile machines from fact, the acceptance in international markets has been so strong and swift that the company has been encouraged to focus on developing other untapped geographies.

A journey that spans six decades of determination and grit is an apt way to describe Rabatex’s growth from being a humble manufacturer of crankshafts for textile machinery to a company that is currently at the forefront of the warp primary and sampling textile machinery industry along with advanced material handling and storage equipment, all of which are presently displaying ground-breaking performance in both the domestic and the overseas markets. Having established itself as one of the finest textile machinery manufacturers in the industry, Rabatex has customers in over 36 countries.

These include clients in USA, Canada, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Vietnam. Rabatex continues to boast an admirable product portfolio, rife with some of the most coveted machinery in the industry, including their famous sectional warping machine, the small-width fabric rapier machine and the short-length sample warping machine. The meticulous planning invested in their machine specifications has ensured that the machinery they produce is of the utmost versatility, capable of handling both new and pre-existing fabrics in the market.

By recognizing the importance of evolving with the market’s needs, Rabatex has ensured that their machinery will never be in danger of becoming obsolete. This would not have been possible without their full-fledged, in-house research and development team, comprising degree-holding professionals who share a passion for adapting to new challenges by coming up with innovative solutions. Besides its contribution to the textile sphere, Rabatex has also expressed interest in Diversification by expanding their vision towards developing products with the potential to be applied to numerous industries.