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Is it really important to have a suitable sports bra?


bra-guest-postWearing the right sports bra is for your own comfort. The runner never thinks about their breasts during running. The key sign is that sports bra is not suitable. Unfit sports bra will greatly reduce your performance and damage the whole exercise effect. If the sports bra is too tight, it can cause inflammation and irritation of the skin. If the athletic bra is too loose, it cannot provide enough support to reduce the movement of the breast. Some women who pursue a slim figure tend to choose the plus size bodysuit when choosing clothes that they unilaterally assume will win a good figure. Therefore, suitable sports bra can help strengthen the ligament of Cooper (supporting the connective tissue of the breast). Because women start wearing bras when they are young, ligaments lose the ability to support breasts.

What is the secret to finding the right thing? What tests can I do in fitting rooms?
First, you need a sports bra that is professional and suitable for you. In fact, 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. These women usually buy a bra with too big bra and too small cup. Some women buy personalized tights for beauty, such as black steampunk corset.

Here are some ways to measure the right size:
Shoulder strap: Not too tight or press your shoulders. If the shoulder strap provides most of the support, then the sports bra is not suitable. Find a bra with the smallest straps to reduce the movement of the breast. Adjustable shoulder straps provide tailored fit.
Cup: the breast should be completely covered and should not be protruded from the top. The fabric should be smooth without wrinkles. When you try the bra for the first time, you need to adjust your breasts and allow them to fit in the hood for a few minutes.

What are the main characteristics of sports bra?
Looking for a sports bra made of moisture absorbing material, such as polyester, which can be quickly dried. Sports bras should also be stable to keep their breasts in place. Many women think sports bras are a huge elastic bandage, so some women blindly opt for cheap corsets bras, but for women with larger breasts, you’re looking for a bra with straps and adjustments. Women’s breast size varies throughout the month, especially when you lose weight or gain weight, so it’s important to have the ability to change the size of the bra slightly. An adjustable shoulder strap will help you customize bra shape according to your desired shape.