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“We received very good response from customer side”- Samiul Haque Polash, CEO, Texo Bangladesh Trade & Commerce


Textile Focus Editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with Samiul Haque Polash, CEO, Texo Bangladesh Trade & Commerce, exhibitor of DTG 2017 regarding their latest technologies and response. Some of the key points are mentioned bellow for our readers-

What latest technologies presented in DTG?

samiul-haque-palashThe DTG Exhibition is one of the best Communication bridge of Textile manufacturer & machine manufacturer- here in every year we exchange our views.

We Texo Bangladesh represents Brugman Holland origin the Netherlands specially for Textile Wet Processing since 1954 but this year 2017 we focused to introduce a very special “Singeing for knitted fabrics” Brugman Cares knitted fabrics INLET for open width, special construction of burners NO TEMP. After stop, very efficient cooling system after Burners, speed more than 60mtr/min with quality, Flame adjustment by AIR and many more required function specially for Knited Fabrics to reduce huge amount of Enzyme, water to save enviornment.

What is the response in this session?

Bangladeshi customer are much more smarter than other Country- every single customer care about less consumption of Energy  i.e water, gas, steam etc, generally Singeing is one of the best solution for every single customer. And we received very good response from customer side.