Recently an increasing investment in textile sector of Bangladesh like yarn spinning

Textile Focus Editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with some exhibitors of DTG 2018 regarding their latest technologies and response. Some of the key points are mentioned bellow for our readers-

Recently an increasing investment in textile sector of Bangladesh like yarn spinning 

shenSheng Yalin, General Manager, Chongqing Jinmao Impex Co.,Ltd.

What latest technologies presented in DTG?

As the leading manufacturer in China for ring traveller and steel ring for spinning, JINMAO TEX focuses on developing new products and maintaining product quality consistence.

JD steel ring, with high geometrical accuracy (roundness, flatness, parallelism, all in 0.010mm less tolerance), is ideal for high speed spinning. Working time 5 years warranty.

TP ring traveller, processed with patented TP technology, is highly accepted for its advantage of self lubricant and wear resistance.

What is the response in this session?

Generally we are satisfied with this DTG exhibition.  Majority of our visitors are from spinning mills, we could exchange points with people from top management to production, from maintenance to quality control.

How do you see Bangladesh textile market in coming days?

Bangladesh is well known for its garment industry, however, it is noted recently an increasing investment in textile sector like yarn spinning.

Ring and traveler are very critical accessories for yarn spinning.  JINMAO TEX, being the largest ring traveler maker in world and the main supplier in China market since 1960, is ready to serve Bangladesh spinners with quality products to achieve a great win-win.