Recycrom™ Ready to Dye brightly shines at Bangladesh Denim Expo


The new technology launched by Officina39 makes sustainable choice easier and more convenient,  offering the possibility to choose and create one’s own colors from a palette of 15 darker and  brighter ready-in-stock colors.  

May 16, 2023 – Being “Innovator” the theme of the 14th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo,  Officina39 couldn’t miss the opportunity to show in this crucial area its latest sustainable  innovations. Among these stands out and brightly shines Recycrom™ Ready to Dye: a range of 15  standard ready-in-stock colors, obtained from a minimum of 65% recycled textile pre- and post consumer materials, to achieve fashionable dyes and colourations for use on cotton, wool, nylon  or any cellulosic and natural fiber or blend

It was in 2017 when Officina39, the Italian company specializing in the sustainable conversion of  chemistry applied to textiles, revolutionized the dyeing processes in the industry by patenting Recycrom™: a full range of pigment powders 100% derived from recycled used clothing,  fibrous material and textile scraps, obtained through a cutting-edge mechanical upcycling  process. 

Officina39 has never stopped developing this key technology to provide brands with more and more  sustainable options to color their collections: to meet the needs of its customers once again,  Recycrom™ Ready to Dye has now come to be. Pure Recycrom™ allows brands to collaborate  with Officina39 to make custom dyes from their own scraps and textile waste, Recycrom™ Ready  to Dye offers them the possibility to choose and create their own colors from a standard color  card, a palette of darker and brighter shades, guaranteeing a true upcycling of textile waste  without any chemical synthesis. From 100 kg of textile waste comes the amount of Recycrom™ Ready to Dye needed to dye 20,000 T-shirts. 

Watch the video or visit the website to discover all the shades and applications of Recycrom™ Ready to Dye!