R|Elan™ Cotluk – A fabric that is smarter than cotton


Need for an alternative to cotton

Cotton has been a key raw material for the textile industry. Though the textile industry faces some major challenges such as low productivity and volatile price fluctuations when they use cotton as a raw material. The impact of wide price fluctuations have its negative impact on both – the textile value chain and the end consumers.

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), with its extensive R&D, has developed a smarter alternative to cotton by introducing R|Elan™ Cotluk fabric.

R|Elan™ Cotluk is now available in staple fibre and filament yarn form, exhibiting cotton-like look and feel along with an ever-lasting matte appearance.


R|Elan™ Cotluk – Smarter option

Consumers today are looking for garments that offer value proposition, enabling them to achieve their style goals at an economical price. With volatility in cotton availability, it is extremely important to have a superior alternative with cotton-like attributes.

R|Elan™ Cotluk, offers cotton-like look and feel, becomes an apt alternative as it is a perfect material for making high-quality knits and woven apparel across categories like Casual Knits, Denims, Formal wear etc. R|Elan™ Cotluk also has superior features like excellent strength, durability and easy care.

Empowering the Green Fashion revolution

Keeping in mind the ever increasing demand from consumers for sustainable products, R|Elan™ Cotluk is also made available from recycling 100% post-consumer used PET bottles as R|Elan™ GreenGold Cotluk.

Cotluk is also available for the home textile category under the brand name Recron® Cotluk that can be used across varied applications like Bedsheets, Cushion Covers, Curtains, Towels etc.

Thus, R|Elan™ keeps its promise by consistently offering smart fabric solutions using extensive technical knowhow and cutting edge technology.

Visit at https://www.r-elan.com/ to know more about R|Elan™ and also visit https://relan-sourcing.virtulab.online/ to explore the world of innovative fabrics from R|Elan™