R|Elan™ – Strengthening network in Bangladesh

R|Elan™ – Fabric 2.0

Reliance Industries Limited’s (RIL) R|Elan™ – Fabric 2.0 is a portfolio of fabric innovations, offering a wide spectrum of benefits from sustainability to high performance and wellness. These smart fabrics have been created from specially engineered fibres and yarns using cutting-edge technological expertise, state-of-the-art R&D and the robust testing systems at Reliance Industries Limited, India. These provide solutions to emerging consumer needs and is highly sought after by established brands, retailers and apparel manufacturers.

R|Elan™ provides brands with unique product capabilities that power different apparel segments like denim, knits, athleisure, formalwear etc.  

R|Elan™ enables innovative garments that are in-sync with the latest fashion trends and fulfil the lifestyle needs of the consumers as well.

Establishing a strong network in Bangladesh

Reliance has established partnerships with key players in Bangladesh in the past few years to produce new-age fabrics, using R|Elan™ speciality products. Under its Hub Excellence Program (HEP), Reliance is strengthening its network by providing assurance to brands/retailers of rapid product development, streamlined production, timely supply of raw materials and standard quality. The partner firms also receive technical and product development assistance from RIL apart in the form of leads for business development and marketing support.

Thus, R|Elan™ is a complete solution provider, offering an extensive range of innovative fabrics, each with a special benefit, catering to evolving consumer needs and enhancing comfort.

Diverse product portfolio to meet emerging consumer needs

R|Elan™ has fabric technologies that act as solutions to various emerging consumer needs; the eco-friendly fabrics help apparel brands create special sustainable collections, thereby enabling the ‘green fashion’ movement across the industry. R|Elan™ has also infused new-age functionality in its innovative fabric range to meet the growing demand for high performance apparels.

The R|Elan™ product portfolio includes products grouped under different categories like:

  • Sustainability
    • GreenGoldrecycled from 100% post-consumer used PET bottles,
    • EcoGold – advanced sustainable technology that reduces persistence of textile waste in the environment,
    • GreenGold Cotluk – Imparts desired Cotton look and feel to the fabric, made available from recycling 100% post-consumer used PET bottles
  • Hi-Performance
    • Kooltex – rapid moisture management functionality that keeps the garment cool and dry
    • AirTherm – thermal insulation functionality enables the garment to keep the wearer warm and comfortable,
    • AllClima – inherent dual functionality enables all year comfort
  • Wellness
    • FeelFresh – antimicrobial fabric that reduces bacterial growth and inhibits bad odour

Visit us at https://www.r-elan.com/ to know more about R|Elan™ and also visit https://relan-sourcing.virtulab.online/ to explore the world of innovative fabrics from R|Elan™. You can also email us at r.elan.innovations@ril.com

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