Report shows-More apparel orders shifting to Bangladesh

Desk Report: Bangladesh Bank published a recent report shows Bangladesh apparel makers that brands and retailers have shifted work orders from other manufacturing destinations like China and Vietnam. According to the report published by the External Economics Branch of the central bank, there has been a trend of purchase orders being shifted from competitor countries to Bangladesh.


According to the manufacturers, the buyers shifted orders from China due to the trade war with the US, from Myanmar due to military rule, and from India and Vietnam due to the production disruptions amid Covid-19. Bangladesh Bank report agreed with these claims, noting that the rate of increase of export relocation was slow in June 2021, but began to pick up in September. Apparel exports in December 2021 were even more encouraging amid the ongoing pandemic.

According to industry insiders, the largest apparel buyers of the US like Walmart, VF (Contour), Gap, JCPenney, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger have transferred their orders to Bangladesh from China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other competitors.

Source: More apparel orders shifting to Bangladesh