Resale platform launched by H&M

h&mRetailer H&M has launched a new resale platform specifically for the Canadian market. H&M Rewear is a one-stop digital customer to customer (C2C) resale destination where Canadians can buy and sell any piece of clothing from any brand. The H&M Rewear platform will allow sellers to search H&M products directly by putting in the product number found on the care label which then will give them access to pictures, descriptions, color from previous seasons through the H&M search bar. Additionally, H&M Rewear, which is being launched together with resale-as-a-service (RaaS) technology company Reflaunt, will advise sellers on prices through its price recommendation algorithm, helping the sellers determine the best competitive price and optimize their chances of selling.

H&M Canada will offer its sellers two ways of receiving payment. Sellers will have the choice between direct deposit or receiving an H&M gift card with an added 20 per cent value that can be redeemed at H&M online and in store. H&M Canada will also offer its members the option to resell their past purchases in one click through its “smart button.