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Retail sales in the eurozone bounce in June


girl in a medical protective mask on her face, chooses new clothes in the store and smiles. Shopping, quarantine, coronavirusIn June, retail sales in the eurozone bounce to February rates until closures end a recovery that started in  May following record declines in March and April. According to Eurostat, the European Statistics Office, sales in the 19-country currency bloc increased by 5.7% in June from May. The gains were powered by spending on clothing and coal.

Nevertheless, the company continues to focus on the next phase of its environmental initiatives. The rise in sales was smaller than Reuters’ 5.9% estimate but was largely offset by a rise in May sales. Eurostat stated that the shopping volume in May increased by 20.3%, revising its earlier estimate of 17.8%. The two consecutive revenue gains completely reversed the historic declines in March and April, when lockouts were imposed on many eurozone countries to prevent new coronaviruses from spreading.

In June the first annual raise since February was 1,3 percent over a year ago. Retail sales in Ireland, Spain and Italy increased by double numbers in June but declined in Germany and Austria again following large growths in May. Textiles, apparel and footwear sales in the Eurozone rose 20.4 percent a month following a record 224.1 percent rise in May.