Rising Use of Wearable Technology to Boost Demand for Smart Textile

Summary: Smart textile market is driven by rising demand of wearable technology, smart textile market rises due to increasing number of research and development, smart textile market analysis is done on global level.

Wide Range of Applications Fuel Demand in the Global Smart Textiles Market

Smart textiles are fabrics that perform functions beyond than just being a piece of cloth. With advancements occurring in technology, smart textiles have gained a notable impetus as they perform several additional tasks and add value to the material quality. Several new innovations in the area have led to new applications for the product in the global smart textile market.

Research reveals that smart textiles are capable of doing things that one would not have imagined a few years ago. Sectors like sports, defense, and health are some of the major areas where smart textiles find applications. As research focusing on smart textiles gains importance, the demand for products in the global smart textiles market is expected to escalate in the coming years.global-smart-textile-market

How innovative healthcare products are fueling growth in the global smart textiles market? Healthcare is a major area of application for smart textiles. With the growing importance of minimally invasive surgeries, the need for smart textiles like implants is growing. Several types of implants are in demand to treat hernia, cardiovascular diseases, and general surgeries. The growing healthcare infrastructure in developed and developing nations bode well for development of the global smart textiles market.

Another important area of application is sports. Many smart wearable devices have entered the market in the last few years. Most of them aim at measuring heart rate, blood pressure, activity levels, sleep cycles, and other aspects of physical fitness. The need for sportspersons to stay fit has increased the demand for smart wearables, thus propelling demand in the global smart textiles market.

Why defense holds immense potential for players in the global smart textiles market?

Defense is one area where the need for modern and smart textiles is very high. Soldiers across the globe protect borders in extreme climatic conditions. For instance, soldiers posted in the northern sectors of their countries and at high altitudes battle extreme cold. To ensure they are protected, they need apparel that can keep them warm. At the same time, defense personnel also work along borders with high humidity and heat. This requires modern clothes to keep them hydrated and maintain body temperature.

Moreover, countries’ defense sectors need camouflaging to hide themselves from their enemies. Research is on to develop apparel and materials to camouflage not only army personnel but also their armories. Governments are pumping large sums to boost research of such products, thus favoring growth in the global smart textiles market.

How North America will remain the leader in the global smart textiles market?

Most countries in North America have large armies and defense sectors. Moreover, they are technologically developed and possess state of the art healthcare infrastructure. This along with high per capita income and awareness levels among people fuel growth. Thus, North America is expected to lead the global smart textiles market in the coming years. Europe will continue to hold its momentum. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, is predicted to grow at a substantial rate as countries are increasing their focus on improving healthcare and defense sectors.  

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